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How to find out a company is a manufacturer or a trading company

There is no need to mention the benefits to buy directly from a manufacturer, but in many b2b websites, like Alibaba.com or Globalsources.com, most of the trading companies would say they are manufacturers. How to identify a company is a manufacturer or a trading company?

Usually, a real manufacturer has the following characters:

Character 1 Product Range

A manufacturer’s product range can not be very wide. It’s not probable for a manufacturer to make many kinds of products. In our factory, we make Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and Bluetooth Selfie Sticks only. You can imagine, if a manufacturer makes many kinds of products, they can not make them well.

Character 2 Location

Usually a manufacturer is located in an industrial area. It’s not profitable to set up a factory in the center of a city. It’s true, some companies have factories in industrial areas, and sales and R&D offices in downtown. But usually, this kind of companies are big companies. It’s not probable for a medium-sized company to set up its factory and office separately. We, as a medium-sized manufacturer, our office and workshop are in the same building, which enable us to communicate effectively.

Character 3 Certificates

Usually a manufacturer has a series of certificates, from their Quality Management System certificate, like ISO 9001 certificate, to their products’ CE, FCC certificates, etc.

You can check if a company has the above three characters, then you can judge they are a trading company or a manufacturer.

We hope the above information can help you. Need any support, please contact us.

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