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We provide the following shipping terms for our customers:

FOB Shenzhen or HK

If you have a forwarder in Shenzhen orHong Kong, you can choose these terms. As our factory is in Shenzhen, we recommend FOB Shenzhen terms for our customers. If you need FOB HK terms, the cost will be slightly higher. Please contact our sales for the details.

EXW Shenzhen

If you have a forwarder in Shenzhen, and the forwarder can pick up the goods at our factory, you can choose these terms. If the forwarder can not pick up the goods at our factory, and you need EXW Shenzhen terms, you can pay us the delivery cost from our factory to the forwarder’s warehouse, then we can delivery the goods to the forwarder’s warehouse.

CIF destination

If you don’t want to be bothered with the shipping issues, we can also offer you CIF terms. You just need to place orders with us, then we will take care of everything, from production to delivery. When the order quantity is small, we recommend these terms.


For international shipment, the recipient is responsible for all the customs charges by his/her country. Since the customs policy differs from country to country, to be comply with the law and regulations of your country, we recommend you to contact your local customs office for more information about the customs charges.

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